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Do you have a story and photo you would like to share about your DCC adopted kitten or cat? 
We're looking for some laughs, maybe some tears, how they have changed your life, how they have touched your heart.  We will post your photo and story on our home page to share with
all of our visitors.  Maybe you'll inspire someone to share their life with a homeless cat.

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Last Updated:
11/30/2020 9:56 AM




I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful work. I adopted Magdalena back in June and she's wonderful! She's become my shadow and is now beginning to snuggle on my lap while I'm in my recliner. Shi is also my furry study buddy. Whenever I'm working on my studies she's right beside me. My life has been made more full having her in my life. 


Thanks and God bless!




Five year old Henry has settled nicely into his new home. His new mom Andrea sent us these pictures four days later with the following message. Henry and I adopted each other on Saturday. I had all the necessities for him and his foster mom Pat was so kind with more toys and the food he had been eating so he could adjust gently. He has been exploring and these pictures are of him last evening. He's a wonderful boy. I want to thank you for caring for him until he and I could join forces. He's home!