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Do you have a story and photo you would like to share about your DCC adopted kitten or cat? 
We're looking for some laughs, maybe some tears, how they have changed your life, how they have touched your heart.  We will post your photo and story on our home page to share with
all of our visitors.  Maybe you'll inspire someone to share their life with a homeless cat.

Please send a photo and your story to:


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Cat Math


According to the National Humane Education Society one unspayed female cat and her mate and all their off-spring, producing 2 litters per year with only 2.8 surviving kitten per litter can total:


1 YEAR= 12

2 YEARS = 67

3 YEARS = 367

4 YEARS = 2,107

5 YEARS = 11,801

6 YEARS = 66,088

7 YEARS = 370,092

8 YEARS = 2,072,514

9 YEARS = 11,606,077

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Thanks 1-800-PetMeds for the donation of pet meds for our adoptable pets! 


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